liberate your faith by learning a theology of change 

If you are feeling Earthseed, you will love Process Theology . . . 

process theology for folks who've considered leaving faith because the dogma was just too much

For millennia, people have considered change to be the most fundamental human experience.

And yet many Western expressions of faith became static and exclusive. Process theology describes a faith that starts with our experiences.  It offers a world view that honors multiple faith traditions.  It gives a way of believing that doesn’t blame God or the devil for the bad things that happen.  It takes seriously our ability to make a new world.

But it’s been hard to learn process theology.  Some students of religion were exposed to these ideas in college or graduate school.  For in-depth learning, people around the world had to travel to a small city in southern California to study at Claremont School of Theology and the Center for Process Studies. Or they try to wade through large tomes of dense philosophical language.

ain't nobody got time for that

I will give you an introduction to process theology where you will receive critical concepts of a theology of change, meet with other people who want to explore process theology, and have resources for deeper investigation of process theology.  No reading assignments.  No homework.  

The timer has expired!

Enrollment ends August 12, midnight ET

You'll change the way you understand the world and your faith 

You'll learn more than the theological concepts

Affirm Divine Presence in Yourself and Others

Secret #1

Discuss Suffering and Evil without Questioning God's Love

Secret #2


Tie Together Insights from Religion, Science and Politics

Secret #3



I've taught process theology to graduate students for over 15 years.  I've served as Co-Director for the Center for Process Studies and as Director for Process and Faith.  I've been lauded for being able to present process theology in accessible language and ideas. And I want to offer information about this theology of change to anyone who is seeking another way forward.

what's Included in the course?

Covering these six critical concepts for a foundation in process theology, a theology with change at the core of its ideas


Online Course

We begin with experience and discuss how we are all connected.


Step 2

We'll discuss the process of change.

god - part 1

Step 2

We'll talk about how God operates in the world.

god - part 2

Step 2

We'll learn more about the relationship between God and the world.

evil and suffering

Step 2

We'll offer an answer to why we suffer and where evil comes from.

life after death

Step 6

We'll discuss how we live on after death.

Ready to learn? 

Here's What yOu Get With
process theology 101

six learning modules

Online Course

Six lessons - each less than 30 minutes - where you will learn a critical concept of process theology

exercises for reflection on lessons

Step 2

Exercises designed to help you reflect on your new learnings

resources for deeper study

Step 2

Want to go further? I include resources for additional reading and viewing - yes a film or two.

community forum 

Step 2

Access to a community forum for conversation with others in the class and interaction with Monica A. Coleman 

newsletter subscription

Step 2

Receive subscription to regular e-newsletter from Monica A. Coleman 


Rev. Dr. Monica Coleman offers an accessible course on a theology for those seeking a less dogmatic faith, desiring a renewed sense of God in the world.



There is something in this course for everyone, whether you are a grad student in religious studies, a Sunday School or Bible Study faithful, or even mildly curious about what studying. theology looks like.


I think that you will love learning process theology! But if - for any reason - you aren't satisfied or you aren't getting what you expected, I'm offering a full money back guarantee within 3 days of purchase. Just email info at innerprizes dot com and I'll refund you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a religious leader.  I've never studied theology formally.  Can I still take this class?

Yes. I don't use any insider-theology language in this class. If you have questions and are interested in learning more, this class is for you!

I'm not Christian.  Is this course applicable to me?

Yes.  You will love Process Theology 103.  101 offers you the basics and 102 covers the kinds of topics many religious people ask.

You said that there is no homework.  Is that REALLY true?

Yes, that's really true.  No reading or writing papers.  If you want to read further, I give you resources for learning more.

What materials do I need for this course?

All you need is your computer or phone. You might want to take notes.  Some people like to use their own notebooks. I'm providing reflection sheets for you to use too.

How can I connect with other students in the class?

When you enroll in the course, you are invited to the closed Facebook group. There, you can connect with other students who are thinking about the same things as you. I'll also show up there live to chat with you.

How much time will this class take?

There are six lessons and each lesson is less than 30 minutes.  

What's the timeline for completing this course?

You can learn at your own pace.  You may decide to do one lesson per week - or you can do them within a couple of days. Or you might decide to start learning a couple weeks or a month from now.

How long do I have access to this course?

You have access to this course for 48 months.

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