Uncover a faith that addresses your everyday challenges 

and provides meaningful guidance

Discover a Deeper Connection to Your Faith
with Spirituality 4 Real Life

Are you tired of feeling like your faith is disconnected from the realities of everyday life?
Do you long for a deeper connection to your faith that addresses the real challenges you face in a complex world?


"SPIRITUALITY 4 REAL LIFE: a Five-Day Devotional"

a powerful resource designed specifically for people of faith like you - 

who seek to navigate the complexities of life while staying rooted in their faith.

With each day's devotion, you'll receive thought-provoking insights, powerful reflections, and actionable steps to help you navigate the complexities of modern living while staying grounded in your beliefs.

Imagine feeling more equipped to handle the struggles and uncertainties of daily life, knowing that your faith is not only relevant but also provides a meaningful framework for navigating the world around you. In "SPIRITUALITY 4 REAL LIFE," you'll discover a spirituality that goes beyond holiness and perfection and speaks directly to the issues that matter most to you.

I'm Monica A. Coleman

I'm a professor, writer and religious leader who connects faith with wellness and social action

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Remember, real spirituality isn't just about holiness and perfection - it's about finding meaning and purpose in the midst of your real life. 

Be inspired to nurture a faith for your real life
(not the super holy one people think you have)!

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